Building hardware for the US Army and Air Force is an honor and a privilege. After delivering 30,000 Atmos Altimeter Sensor Modules in the field, when asked, we describe aur areospace clients as the folks who make you better. In a world of instant-genius/.com/startup/Next-Big-Thing apps, there is a class of customer that simply means what they say. They build product in modest quantities that must work from Arctic to Sub-Saharan Desert to Space. You are paid well for your efforts but you earn it. When needed, they pitch in with a depth of resources to help get you past the big hurtles. This is where the men in black — or more accurately, these days-- the women in navy blue, come in. I'm proud and happy to say that after 25 years, they continue to make us better.

Thank you Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, Boeing and L3.

Field-proven in extreme environmental conditions, Atmos products meet stringent aerospace quality and traceability requirements while offering significant cost reductions for customers.

Because every application is unique in some way, Atmos modules are customized to fit our customers' specific protocol, power and real estate requirements. We deliver accuracy in a package that fits at a price that works .

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