Atmodule RS485/RS232 Transmitter
Industrial Sensor Interface Module

General Description

The Atmos industrial transmitter module is a complete digital transmitter solution. The module accepts inputs from uncompensated bridge-type sensors and produces calibrated, temperature-compensated pressure and temperature values.


  • Pulsed or continuous sensor excitation
  • Digitization of sensor differential output
  • Digitization of bridge impedance for temperature feedback
  • Digital calibration and temperature correction through high order multinomials
  • RS485/RS232 output
  • High-resolution sigma-delta type A/D converter
  • ESD protected inputs and outputs
  • EMI/RFI filtered inputs and outputs
  • User selectable baud rate
  • Corrected pressure output
  • Corrected temperature output
  • End user gains and offset values (separate from the correction multinomial)
  • Module size 1.2 x 2.2 inches


  • Pressure sensors
  • Bridge interface
  • Industrial transmitters


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Atmos RS485/RS232 Transmitter


Layout of the RS485/RS232

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