AT2310 High Accuracy Low Power Barometer Module

General Description

The Atmodule AT2310-16A precision digital-output pressure sensor uses smart sensor techniques to correct pressure readings for temperature and linearity, achieving a total error band of under 0.1% FS (0.016 PSI) over the -40 F to +185 F temperature range. The typical error band is 0.05% FS (0.008 PSI) over the -40 F to +185 F temperature range. Static accuracy is better than 0.004 PSI. The module contains a silicon pressure sensor, sensor interface electronics, a 21-bit A/D converter, EEPROM calibration memory, and a sensor signal processor. Operating from a 3.3 volt supply, the module is designed to be soldered onto the user's printed circuit board. The sensor element is protected with a gel coating and is compatible with non-condensing air.


  • Board mount module
  • Low power device 3.3 volt operation at 1.2 mA
  • 0.10% FS total error typical over temperature all effects
  • Four-wire serial interface.
  • Pressure measurement range 1 to 16.0 PSIA
  • Digital temperature compensation and calibration
  • 120 mS conversion time
  • 1.0 mS data access time
  • 0.02% (0.004 PSI) static accuracy


  • Barometers and altimeters
  • Low power battery powered instrumentation
  • Smart radios and GPS receivers
  • Leek testing
  • Variomentes




  • In quantities 100 - 499 the unit cost is $123.00 each.


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The Atmos AT2310


The AT2310 module next to a pair of AT2640 Atmodule's next to their big brother, the AT2610


Solid model file available upon request.



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