Smart sensors customized to make sense
in your system

Since 1987, Atmos has been developing and producing sensor modules, interface circuitry and automated calibration techniques for customers such as Raytheon, Dresser Industries, Scripps Institute, Northrop Grumman and Avocet. There are Atmos modules in every node of the Department of Defense's Tactical Internet, as well as on the handlebars of tens of thousands of bicycles and the wrists of countless skiers.

Our products are primarily custom solutions designed to deliver high accuracy in a package that perfectly fits your real estate, protocol and power needs.

From sensor to digital output, an Atmos module is ready to plug into your system in one extremely accurate, efficient unit, and communicate with your system in a digital format. The entire module is smaller than most sensors, with extremely low power consumption. They're completely interchangeable, so manufacturing is simplified. If your application eats up sensors, replacement is much faster, less expensive, and requires no tweaking.

Atmos calibrates the modules for you, and can produce in quantities to meet the most demanding schedule.

The company is privately held, with headquarters in Pescadero, California, 40 miles South of San Francisco along Highway 1 next to the silicon valley.

Atmos helped Dresser Industries achieve unmatched accuracy in their rugged, portable Heise DXD Digital Output Pressure Transducer.
The Atmos PC104 Air Data Module brought costs into line for Northrop Grumman's Miniature Air Launch Decoy Drone.
Raytheon named Atmos a distinguished member of their elite EPLRS team, in recognition of exceptional support of Raytheon’s enhanced position location reporting system
Atmos designed and produced the first aircraft- accurate digital altimeter for the consumer market.
Atmos' tilt sensing module is helping the construction and transportation industries tell which way is up.
Small size and low power requirements made it possible for Scripps Institute scientists to precisely measure sea turtles' dives with Atmos pressure-sensing modules.
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